Men’s Haircuts.

Men’s Haircuts

A common question we get all the time is ‘What truly makes a good mens haircut?”. See to us, your haircut represents so much more than just style and keeping up with the times. It symbolises who you are as a person. A great haircut is one thing, but maintaining the perfect look is in a completely different ball park which requires continuous attention and care. Thankfully, here at Sonder , 3/701 Pittwater Road Dee Why, all of our barbers are male image haircut specialists who will not only give you some of the best haircuts in Sydney… but they will also provide you with both manageable and easily applicable grooming tips. This will ensure that you’re always looking fresh. There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of “personality is inherited from hairstyle” and this is something we try to incorporate into all of our mens haircuts, regardless of your age. Getting a clean haircut is truly one of the best feelings in the world and we strive to deliver this feeling in all of our services

So without, further ado. Here are our top picks for the best mens haircuts and hairstyles for this year.

Fade Haircut

The fade haircut is currently one of the most popular hairstyles for men mainly due to the many different types of fades you can request. For example, when asking your barber to fade your hair, you can choose from razor fades, bald or skin fades, temp fades, flat top and high top variations of fades- just to name a few. Faded hairstyles truly have something unique to offer to every guy, regardless of your nationality.

But what is a fade haircut?  A fade haircut, also commonly known as a taper, involves a close and short cutting of the hair on your back and sides to get it closer to your neck. This provides almost a blending feel, where both your back and sides are faded so that your barber can taper your cut into your sideburns and neck. The end result…. A great and versatile fade haircut that is timeless and perfect for any occasion! Currently, the most popular method for crafting a fade haircut is with clippers. Your barber will use different haircut numbers or clipper sizes to trim down your sides, back and neckline. This careful process makes learning how to fade hair an extremely difficult part of becoming a barber, requiring many years of practice and experience.

Different Types Of Fades

High Skin Fade

In short, the high fade haircut is a noticeable look bound to turn heads everywhere you go. This is personally, one of our favourite and most popular haircuts here at Sonder as it provides such a unique and distinct look like no another. The process behind a high fade begins by gradually tapering the top to create contrast between the longer hair at top and the shorter hair on the sides. Overall, this provides a more defined and stronger look. This is a great mens haircut for people with curly hair. Trust us and when you visit your local barber next ask him for a high skin fade – you won’t be disappointed.


Mid Skin Fade

Yep, you guessed it. The mid fade starts in the middle of your head and is also known as a medium skin fade. This haircut begins with your barber trimming mid-way up your sides and back and then leaving the top to your discretion. The mid fade is perfect for providing a balance between a high skin fade and a low skin fade for those of you who are undecided. Another benefit of a mid fade haircut, is that you can combine it with all hairstyles, providing you with a very versatile and professional look.dee-why-barber-sonder-mens-haircuts

Low Skin Fade

A low skin fade is perfect for medium and longer hair up top as it has less contrast and more texture on the sides. This haircut is great for office settings and a traditional style, while at the same time providing you with a bit of flair and uniqueness. A low skin fade is a good option for anyone considering about changing it up and wanting a sampler of the fade haircut.


Crop Cut

The crop cut hairstyle has recently surfaced from the dead and is now trending as a mainstream haircut for men. It’s great for men with all types of hair as it’s easy to style and manageable for all occasions A crop cut is typically paired with a fade haircut on the back and styled with a blunt fringe. A longer fringe works great for men with strong jawlines and thick hair whereas a shorter fringe will suit almost most men. An interesting element about the crop cut is that it works really well with men with receding hair as it can be tailored to you hairline. To style a crop cut, simply blow dry your hair on medium speed and add matte clay to the hair.


Crew Cut / Buzz Cut

A crew cut is a traditional short haircut which is tapered both to the back and sides where there’s more hair left at top. It has earned its name from its military background. When asking your barber for the standard “short back and sides” this will typically be the end result.  The buzz cut, on the other hand, clippers the hair while the length of the hair remains fairly the same throughout the haircut. Another cool part of this haircut is that it is also great for receding hairlines and looks great with a faded beard.

The Verdict

These, are our personal favourite mens haircuts here at Sonder Men’s Grooming and Espresso Bar, 3/701 Pittwater road, Dee Why. We have selected these haircuts as they are all timeless and suitable for any occasion. Their low maintenance also makes them a perfect fit for any busy man or boy in a hurry. So come down, grab a coffee and get your hair cut by the most talented barbers and hairdressers in Sydney. We promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll love the banter.

If you’re feeling a funky mens haircut, ask for the Anton Special- seen below.


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