Haircut Specials

Sonder Men’s Grooming and espresso bar has the largest variety of mens haircuts and hairstyles in all of Sydney. All of our barbers are talented professionals who have spent years perfecting the art of male grooming. We have picked up our techniques from barbershops all over the world and have spent years refining and continuously improving our craft. We also embrace all the latest trends and advances in male style that are not just in Sydney but in New York, London, Los Angeles and we’re forever looking for the next big thing. For instance, the crop cut has been the most popular haircut in London for the past 4 years and has now only started to catch on in Sydney. But, we have been delivering this hairstyle for years in order to provide all of our customers with choice and variety.

Now all of our expertise and years of practice, are all within a 5 minutes’ drive from you at 3/701 Pittwater road, Dee Why. To give you guys a taste for everything, we offer a number of haircut specials in order to provide the best experience possible.


Men’s Cut & Beard 

Our signature men’s cut & beard involves any haircut of your choosing (other than a skin fade) with a highly tapered beard trim. This combination is perfect for those of you who are in a hurry and are in need of a clean haircut with a matching beard. Check out our ‘Bearded Barber’ article on the importance of matching a beard with a haircut for tips and tricks to get the perfect beard. This is extremely popular combination for those who work under a dress code.

Fade & Beard

For those of you who like to embrace the latest trends and styles then our fade & beard special is the combination for you! This special includes a skin fade and beard trim for $60- the best value on the Northern Beaches. The beauty of a skin fade is that it is a highly versatile style that will match with pretty much any haircut of your choosing. Whether it is your standard short back and sides or the increasingly popular crop cut. Any haircut paired with a skin fade and a beard trim will be sure to turn heads wherever you go. All of our barbers are male image specialists who will deliver you the perfect haircut to meet all of your grooming needs.


Men’s Cut & Shave

Let’s face it… Sometimes we all get sick of our face and want to try something new. There’s only so many times you can look at your face in the mirror and not consider changing it up. For those of you who wish to go back to the basics – which may I remind you, will never go old. Then the men’s cut and shave is the ideal haircut for you.  For $70, Our barbers will deliver you with whatever haircut or hairstyle you desire as well as providing a highly tapered shave with our clippers and cutthroats all the way until we see your skin. This combination is great for the summertime and formal occasions. It is also fantastic for those of you who want to hack off a couple of years and make yourself look younger. We will also recommend only the best products to ensure we you look and continuously feel fresh.



Ok, just for clarification. This does not mean a shower. But, for those of you who have longer hair and struggle with cleaning and maintaining it, then why not come in for only a $10 wash. This is a definite must for those of you with dreadlocks as there is a common misconception that in order to get dreads, your hair must be dirty. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A fact is, if you do not wash your hair it will stink and dreadlocks need to be washed regularly. A quick tip is to use residue free soaps and shampoo in order to get clean and less greasier hair. Plus, you’ll smell great – for once..



Haircut Lines / Designs

 At Sonder, we like to think of ourselves as artists, who are forever striving to achieve perfection. This is why we also provide haircut lines and designs to anyone who wants to have them added to their haircut. We can pretty much provide any design you desire, ranging from a simple eyebrow slit to a soccer ball which has been meticulously carved into the back of your hair.

Wrapping It Up

So here are some of our top picks for haircut specials so that we provide all of our customers the best value as possible. These combinations will not only save you time and money, but they will also ensure that you meet all of your grooming needs and keep you looking fresh for whatever event you have on. Never again be that bloke with the mismatched beard at the party or that guy who always has that patchy beard with bum fluff. Don’t also be that guy who has never changed his haircut in over 10 years and who still only sticks with the generic short back and sides, with not ever changing it up. Whenever a customer comes into us, we always deliver what they ask for with absolute expertise, but if you’re ever sitting on the fence – just ask us what we think. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the results. Check our Instagram for yourself!